The next chapter to advance integrated care starts now.

 is Ready

The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) accelerated our progress integrating care. But the work's not done. As Colorado SIM concludes, we are ready to keep the momentum going — together.

“Colorado Is Ready” is a rally point for all of Colorado stakeholders integrating care to show their readiness and commitment to keep the momentum going by:

  • Connecting with stakeholders across sectors to inspire the motivation to continue
  • Demonstrating our readiness with a visible, collaborative social media effort
  • Listening to one another’s experiences and elevating our voices across sectors

We are better together. By pooling our abilities and knowledge, we can be successful in sustaining integrated behavioral health.”

Efforts to advance integrated care continue beyond SIM

The four-year Colorado SIM Initiative was a powerful accelerator that advanced efforts to integrate care. It brought together major health and healthcare actors in the state, identified common priorities, created understanding, fostered partnerships, and gathered best practices.

Colorado SIM’s efforts were always about creating an environment where the workforce and cross-sector partners could drive integration efforts forward. With advancements to integrating care underway across the state, it’s up to us to build on the momentum Colorado SIM helped to achieve — it’d be a waste not to.

What is Colorado SIM?


Cross-sector partnerships improve our ability to address all the things that keep people healthy both in and outside of our clinic.” – Clinician Readiness Respondent

Across Colorado, we are ready to advance integration

In early 2019, Colorado SIM and the Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center fielded an assessment of Colorado stakeholders’ “readiness” — their motivation and capacity — to continue cross-sector partnerships that advance integrated care. In short — Colorado is ready.

The Readiness survey results indicate:

  • Cross-sector partners are ready to tackle the remaining challenges of integrating care, leveraging one another’s strengths and expertise. Stakeholders understand cross-sector partnerships are an effective strategy to advance integration.
  • Cross-sector partnerships fit well with how stakeholders already operate, and these partnerships are improving over time.
  • The next chapter to advance integrated care starts now. And, it’s going to be authored by all of us working in partnership across sectors.


What is Readiness?



Show Your Readiness

Across Colorado, individuals working in a variety of health sectors are ready to advance integrated care. But readiness is hard to recognize. We want to change that and need your help.

Colorado Is Ready is a movement to motivate our colleagues across sectors to maintain energy and momentum in efforts to advance access to integrated care in our state. Collaborating together, we’ll transform our intangible collective readiness into an undeniable and enduring pursuit of optimal wellness.

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Participating in this effort is simple

  • Join our LinkedIn group to connect with colleagues across sectors and invite others to deepen the conversation
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  • Update your profile image on LinkedIn with the “I’m Ready” icon at the right, to make your readiness visible
  • Share the readiness content below to spread the word, insights, and perspectives on integrating on integrating care with your network